Having an  event covered by a professional photographer is a great idea as you are guaranteed great images of superb quality.

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The job of the event photographer is to get candid and posed images which can be printed in high quality at  a later date.

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Yes ‘selfies’ and other shots taken on mobile phones are all part of the event and  they are great to view on very small screens but when you want quality images you need to use quality equipment which is where the professional photographer comes in.


I try to be part of the event and take loads of photos so after 10 minutes the guests are used to me being there so I get great relaxed images.

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Sometimes I cover events and use a high quality printer which allows guests to take away prints immediately – this is always popular.


So whatever the event, big or small, consider getting a professional in to make sure you end up with photos you will be proud of. Feel free to contact us about your event. We offer a high quality service at a very reasonable price.



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