In the previous blog I  was talking about how a portrait session should be relaxed and fun, this is my job to ensure that everyone is at ease and it really shows in the photographs.

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I always suggest to clients that apart from simply looking at the camera there is an opportunity to pose in different ways so before you come in for the photo-shoot have a little practice at home and find poses that you like and are comfortable with. We all have a particular ‘look’ we like about ourselves so why not use it!



I do of course help people with their poses as I know from experience what looks good. Having the right studio lights, a properly lit background, a top quality camera and lens and the knowledge of how to use all of the equipment  is the difference between a snap shot and a professional portrait and don’t forget that professional images can be enlarged and printed at a high quality. When I supply clients with large prints I am always so pleased at their reactions when they see the quality of the photographs and I have been lucky in that I have seen some of these prints displayed in clients homes and places of work.


If you are interested in booking a photo-shoot or you have any questions please visit the website and drop me a line!


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